Happy New Year 2009!

декември 28, 2008

I have written almost nothing on this blog since I started it, but it is better late than never. I was searching for a number of videos about New Year celebrations, so I decided to share the ones I liked most. Happy New Year 2009 to all of you! (in advance)

The rising New Year 2009

Sandart Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year to all friends of lions

Happy New Year to friends in Ethopia, Eritrea… (I really like this one)

Happy New Year to all who like Mexico:

and here is the original:


Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland! I will be here in the next couple of months – near the Alps, where everything is green, clean, and France is only half an hour away by bicycle. Don’t be misled that everything is pink, however. I could see no cows so far (Switzerland is famous for its beautiful cows) except one, which was made from metal. Nevertheless, there seem to be enough watches and various types of chocolate to compensate for this disappointment 🙂

Bai Genko

Me and the famous Geneva fountain 🙂

I am having an internship at the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), which name twists my tongue painfully every time when I try to explain it to the people who I meet here. It is a small NGO, which members are national and regional investment promotion agencies from all over the world, and it aims at promoting foreign investments and economic development. It sounds a little bit complicated, but it is interesting because I am doing a research on my own, and its results would be used at the next world conference of WAIPA in 2007. However, it is also a little bit boring since I am working alone in the meeting room, but there are two more interns who are coming from the beginning of July 🙂

Otherwise, Geneva is a great place to live – it is quiet and full of life at the same time – there are concerts almost every evening, many festivals, and numerous things to do all the time… and the World Cup creates a real fiesta every evening at the moment. The most famous events during the summer, however, are the jazz festival at Montreux (1 hour from here), which takes place at the beginning of July, and the local festival, which is in the first week of August. Apart from that you can do almost anything if you have time (and some money) – sailing, scuba diving in the lake, cycling (bicycles can be rented for free – for promotion of healthy way of living), hiking in the Alps, and even climbing Mon Blanc (the second highest peak in Europe, 4807 m), which can be seen in clear weather from here. Finally, Paris, Milan, and Barcelona are just 3-4 hours by train. So, I am seriously considering buying a Lonely Planet guidebook, and …. We will see 🙂

People here are also fine, although I don’t know the local culture very well at all. Geneva is a cosmopolitan, although a small city. There are people from everywhere, since the headquarters of many international organizations like UN, WHO, WTO, are here. As a result, traveling with the public transport can be a real voyage, where you can hear languages from all over the world. It is even funnier now with the World Cup, because there are always many people from each playing country that gather at the two huge screens in the city.

There are many other things to write, but I will leave some for the days to come, because I have to leave the office now. I still do not have internet connection at home, which I can use freely in the evenings. The good news is that I have rented a nice room (with wireless internet) – it is a little bit away from the center, but it is spacious. However, I have to wait for some more time to move in, but I think that it is worthy. Well, this is all for the time being, please write comments and opinions, so that we make this blog even more interesting 🙂

Big screen

One of the screens for watching the World Cup is at the Stadium of Geneva. People watch from a sector of the stadium, and it really feels as if you are watching a World Cup game for real.**

The Crow Orchestra

The Big Crow

This is the orchestra, which played after the opening game of the World Cup before the Stadium of Geneva. They are all dressed like crows.

Maracana Festival

The other huge screen in the evening before the opening of the World Cup: Maracana festival and Brazilian samba (very similar to traditional festivals in Bulgaria – they even had the barbecue (like Bulgarian kebapcheta) and beer like we do. We just don’t have the caipirinha.

* A famous Bulgarian song, which asks the main character (Stoicho) to stay in Bulgaria since it is more beautiful than Switzerland (Bulgaria is also known as Switzerland on the Balkans)… and Switzerland is really beautiful.

** All the pictures on the web site were made by my HHH colleague Hye Kim, and some are published on her blog too.


юни 12, 2006

Test message in English 🙂